Garou is the werewolf husband, henchbeast and "snarling darling" of Penny Dreadful. He is the very embodiment of feral, unbridled energy and enthusiasm. Garou does not speak, but communicates via growls and howls.

Garou's ancestor, the witch judge Romulus Garou, was cursed with lycanthropy. Almost two hundred years later, Garou inherited the affliction. Unlike his ancestor, Garou revels in his werewolfism. Through some unknown means the lycanthrope learned to remain in wolf form even when there was no full moon in the sky. The only time he is forced to return to human form is during a lunar eclipse. Garou becomes very embarrassed when this happens and hides until he can change back to his more animalistic self.

Upon first becoming a werewolf, the gleeful Garou wreaked havoc across the countryside, leaving terror, messiness and fleas in his wake. Garou’s parents bemoaned the lad’s fate, and could not comprehend his utter enjoyment of this “tragic affliction.”

One night, Garou discovered the mysterious portrait of Penny Dreadful. The werewolf fell madly in love with the witch's painting, and howled mournfully at the moon every night after finding it. After much searching, Garou learned of a forbidden rite. He proceeded to initiate the strange ritual and his actions resulted in Dreadful's return from beyond. It was love at first fright.

Although Garou does not speak, his growls, snarls and howls add a zesty barbeque flavor to the show.

LIKES: The full moon, running through the moors, howling, pattycake, monster movies, Lon Chaney Jr., the Ramones, comic books, cartoons.

PET PEEVES: Silver, wolfsbane, pentagrams, silver bullets, S.T.A.K.E.S., angry villagers, reality TV

INTERESTING FACT: His puppy-like exuberance can turn into wild-eyed animal rage whenever Garou suspects someone is “putting the moves” on Penny.