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Horror Hosts & Spooky Shows:

An enormous listing of television horror-hosts past and present! E-gor's site is great and must be seen to be believed!

The Underworld's hippest show - with Vlad, Creighton and the Invisible man dancing to rock 'n' roll with the kiddies and showing wacky clips - plus a rockin' garage band in every show!

We love Creepy Clyde! Horror host, singer of spooky songs, artist extroadinaire.

Visit Dr Gangrene at Shackle Island! His program, Creature Feature, airs weekly on Nashville's CW58, WNAB, where it broadcasts into all of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.

Home of Pennsylvania's most spooktacular haunted attraction Castle Blood, and the Midnight Monster Hop horror show, hosted by Gravely and Grizelda MacCabre.

The Ghouligans are here! You'll dig this very cool program! It's sort of a cross between the Munsters and Animal House!

Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature is online and you don't want to miss the legendary horror host's weekly web-program! Plus TONS of cool articles and much more!

Mr. Lobo's fantastic Cinema Insomnia site features a plethora of coolness and information!

Ormon Grimsby's House of Horrors in Raleigh, NC!

Nosferatu's first born son and horror host!

Inventing spookiness for Northwestern Oklahoma!

Another Site Dedicated To Preserving The Memory Of The Great Saturday Afternoon Matinee.

Saturday Fright Special is a spook-tacular new show hosted by Scarewolf, New Hampshire's first native horror host!

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck
Dr. Dreck is a fang-tastic Massachusetts horror host who brings movies to you from his Dungeon! Join the Doctor and his hilarious pals Moaner, Stu and Madame each and every week!

Danvers presents 'Demented Features.' The horror show presenting classic horror movies, reviews, interviews and more!


Horror Films and Related Terrors:

Monster Fest is an annual celebration of monsters, horror and the macabre in film and literature -- in Chesapeake, VA.



Comic Book Divas is an independent comic publisher.  They are the hex-clusive publishers of Penny Dreadful's comic book, Cauldron of Terror issue #1!

This is the home of the prestigious Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. The Horror Festival is an eerie-sistable salute to an often overlooked genre that will include numerous world premieres of shorts and features including the best of films submitted in competition from all over the globe.

Listen to "Spooky SouthCoast" each week on New Bedford's WBSM (AM 1420) as Tim and Matt discuss all things paranormal. Each week, they'll bring to you some of the most exciting and intriguing guests discussing topics such as ghosts, aliens, crop circles, UFOs, cryptozoology, conspiracies, and more!!

Website of New England's legendary haunted attraction - Spooky World!

Three days of Monsters, Music and Mayhem in Worcester, MA!

Read 'Scary Monsters' magazine for all the grave-dirt on monsterdom's superstars!

MFTV is a classy publication with beautiful covers and photos and well-written articles about classic horror.  This is also the place to get information on the Monsters From the Vault Convention!

Join Corpse. S. Chris as he digs up news, lays out video clips, uncovers rotten old pictures, and pays his respects to horror hosts new and old.

Cinema Crazed features tons of well-written and insightful movie reviews.



Terror From Beyond the Daves is a site featuring a bountiful plethora of up-to-date Horror Host info!


The Classic Horror Film Boards Bid You…Velcome. Come here to discuss all your fave classic horror pictures from Universal Horrors to Hammer Films to radio horrors and other fun!

Headquarters of the Universal Monster Army. Enlist now ... If you dare!

Thrillpeddlers keeps the spirit of Paris' infamous Grand Guignol horror theatre alive!

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
Have breakfast plus catch forty whacks at the former home of Ms. Lizzie Borden. When you're done, have forty-one!

Dark Shadows Forums - Come talk about Barnabas Collins and all the mysterious ghouls and goblins from the classic gothic horror TV show 'Dark Shadows'. .

This is the page where you can find out all about the annual Pennsylvania Monster Bash event and take a gander at all those great Creepy Classics DVDs and other fun stuff!


This site is a nexus for conversation about Maine's very special strangeness, the people who love it, the people who have experienced it, & the people who are intrigued by it. History, mysteries, legends, current events, cryptozoology, & more.


Documentary about the very first television horror hostess - Vampira!


A documentary which chronicles the history of horror hosting on television featuring tons of hosts!


The Unimonster's Crypt
The Blog of Unimonster, who also writes reviews at Horror-Web (below)


Dr Chris and his cohort(s) bring you all the latest, greatest and most random of Sci-Fi and Horror news.

A must-have title for libraries and for anyone who is a fan of horror or who is looking for some unusual stops for their next trip to New England.

Mike's Comics has a great supply of cool collectibles, toys, gaming miniatures and comics.

A haunter's best resource for homemade prop building supplies.



Cool People We Know:

New Bedford, MA cable access station. A great bunch of folks!

Amazing monster and fantasy artwork from the renowned and talented artist Daniel R. Horne!

Neither a psychic nor a magician, Rory offers a new and compelling experience unlike anything you've ever seen.
He will read your mind, bend your spoon, and leave you talking about it for the rest of your life.


THE site for information on all things He-Man and She-Ra!


Sarah is a very talented artist/illustrator from western Massachusetts. Enjoy her great artwork here!

Peter is an amazing photographer and a really cool guy! We've been blown away by his photos in the Standard Times. Check out the slideshow on his page.

The Players' Ring

The Players' Ring is a New Hampshire theatre group founded by Gary Newton (classic MA horror host Simon). Each year the Players' Ring features the F. Gary Newton memorial playwriting competion.

- Mimi Gonzalez, comedienne extraodinaire!

- New Bedford, MA Arts Cooperative - creative souls!

Bill Gauthier is a writer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. His work has been featured in Borderlands 5, The Best of Borderlands, and Dark Discoveries. Check out Bill's cool site!



Gein and the Graverobbers are an incredible horror surf band from Massachusetts! Gein, the band's
guitarist, does our spooky TV theme song!

Cult madness, cool interviews and rock 'n' roll mania are par for the course on the award winning online radio station Cult Radio A Go-Go.

Our friend Kitty's rock 'n' roll band is gonna knock you on your third nipple so check 'em out!

Garage rock that'll make you jump around like a maniac plus cool webtoons!

Swingin' undertakers from Van Nuys, California.


Horror Rawkibilly!