Dr. Von Bulow, a semi-retired Monster Hunter with a thick accent and a peevish disposition, lives next door to Penny and Garou. Since no one else can put up with the cantankerous monster hunter, he has taken to hanging out with Penny and Garou as he co-hosts the show along with the witch and the werewolf. It is said that he secretly likes being on TV.

Even though Von Bulow is a monster hunter and has threatened to destroy Penny and Garou, he has never actually attempted to do so. The reasons for this are unclear, though hinted references indicate that an enigmatic truce was forged between Penny, Manfred and Garou long ago. 

Manfred is a native of Vasaria, and his family moved to New England when he was a child. The young Von Bulow developed a loathing for "Vile, Horrible Crrreatures" after experiencing a deeply traumatic encounter with a preternatural being. The seven-year old Von Bulow somehow dispatched the evil menace and became obsessed with destroying all monsters.

He embarked on a study of science and the occult. In his twenties, he was invited to join the Society To Kill And Annihilate Evil Supernaturals (S.T.A.K.E.S.) He is now well-known as a skilled, if over-the-top (“if ze mallet is not raised dramatically, zen why do it at all?”) hunter of all things supernatural. Dr. Von Bulow has slain vampires, ghouls, warlocks and all manner of horrid beings. He is a Professor with much arcane knowledge at his disposal. Although he has good intentions, Manfred’s biggest downfall is his enormous ego, which gets him into trouble every time.

LIKES: Crosses, wooden stakes, silver bullets, puppet collecting, protective amulets, Peter Cushing, Edward Van Sloan, destroying vile denizens of the unknown, Stouffers TV dinners, holy water, Matlock & ze Golden Girls.

PET PEEVES: Crrrrrreeeeatures!!!

INTERESTING FACT:Manfred makes a mean bratwurst, and is a big fan of smooth music.