Penny Dreadful XIII is the witch hostess of Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers. She delights in the macabre and is known for saying “hex-cellent” a lot.  Her personality is an intermingling of light and dark elements.  She can be very silly and sinister by turns, with a withering wit and a dramatic gaze.   

Penny wields many mysterious powers that she acquired in the 1300's. Whispered tales refer to these powers coming from an infernal pact made in her childhood. Penny has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but becomes melancholy when reminded of those “tragic” times. 

Penny originally became a horror film hostess as the result of a fouled-up magic spell. However, she recently removed that spell and placed it upon her viewers so that they are now forced to watch Shilling Shockers. Penny continues to host the show because she enjoys “revealing the forbidden fruits of the night” to her “Dreary Ones.”  Manfred Von Bulow also maintains that Penny is “kind of a ham” and will take “any opportunity to get screen time.” 

During her years at Horror High School, Penny was a member of the Melodrama Club and acted in the Senior Grand Guignol. She also dated several famous monsters as a teen, which earned her a somewhat sordid reputation.  

The Society To Kill And Annihilate Evil Supernaturals (S.T.A.K.E.S.) accidentally destroyed Penny in the mid-16th century during a drunken "gathering", but Garou the werewolf resurrected her one hundred years later. Penny and Garou fell in mad monster love and were married. They now make their home in a dusty old New England attic where Penny transmits Shilling Shockers over the scare-waves via black magic. 

LIKES: her Dreary Ones, Curses, Classic Horror Pictures, Voodoo Dolls, rock 'n' roll, Spooky TV shows, Ancient Grimoires, ruining crops, terror literature, Vampire’s Deadly Secret popsicles 

PET PEEVES: Angry mobs, judge tribunals, being burned at the stake, the gallows, S.T.A.K.E.S., disco 

INTERESTING FACT: Penny briefly gave up her powers and enjoyed a successful stage career in the 1920s and 1930s.  However, all record of this period has disappeared.