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SEASON NINE - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - “Powerless”
The Fallen One has stripped Penny Dreadful of her powers. In order to regain her abilities, she must complete three special tasks. Penny reveals her dark past to the Dreary Ones.

Featuring The Devil's Messenger (1961, B/W)

The Devil, as played by horror legend Lon Chaney, Jr. enlists the damned soul of a beautiful woman to help him recruit more souls for Hell in this horror anthology made up of three tales from the Swedish TV series 13 Demon Street.    

Episode 2 - “The Devil Made Me Do It”
Penny begins her second task and enlists the help of her brother. Alabaster Van
Sloan and Xerlia Lanchester ponder the future, and Garou is sent on a special

Featuring Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966, Color)

In this strange amalgam of western and horror, notorious outlaw Jesse James runs afoul of the mad granddaughter of Dr. Frankenstein, who has inherited her grandfather's obsession with reviving the dead. This movie was selected by the fans for inclusion in Season 9!

Episode 3 - “Kill, Penny, Kill”

Penny completes her second task under a lightning storm. Xerlia has shocking news for Alabaster. The Fallen One demands one final, terrible task; Penny has demands of her own. 


Featuring I Bury The Living (1958, B/W)

Robert Kraft, the new chairman of a committee that oversees a large cemetery, realizes that he may possess a deadly power. A large map hangs on the wall at the cemetery office representing each grave site. Black pins mark occupied graves and white pins mark unoccupied graves. When Kraft accidentally sticks a black pin where a white pin should have gone, the grave's intended occupant dies.

Episode 4 - “Fooling the Fates”
Penny concocts a plan to help Xerlia with her time of the month. The witch races the clock to finish her spell before moonrise.


Featuring The Blancheville Monster (1963, BW)

The young daughter of a mad count fears the family curse will lead to her demise. Does death await her, or will she escape her fate? Find out in this eerie gothic chiller.

Episode 5 - "Paranormal Instigators"
Tonight, on "Paranormal Instigators", the Investigatory New England Paranormal Team (INEPT) explores the Bridgewater Triangle, and encounters a witch in the Freetown State Forest.


Featuring Vengeance of the Zombies (1973, Color)

A killer murders various women in England while a strange mystic brings uses arcane Voodoo magic to bring them back as murderous zombies. Featuring Spanish horror star Paul Naschy. This movie was selected by the fans for inclusion in Season 9!

Episode 6 - “Tiki Tiki Tiki Doom”
Penny invites Luna over for Polynesian Drinks and some laughs.

Featuring Creature From the Haunted Sea (1961, B/W)

Roger Corman's gangster/horror/spy/comedy picture hybrid features one of the most "unique"-looking sea monsters ever seen on film. A crook plans to kill a group of Cuban loyalists in order to steal their money. He then intends to claim they were devoured by a mythical sea creature. What he doesn't know is that the monster is real.

Episode 7- “Mind the Gappa”
Garou and Manfred take an enormous ancient egg from Martha's Vineyard back to the attic. It isn't long before wacky hijinks ensue.

Featuring Monster From a Prehistoric Planet (1967, Color)

On a remote island, a group of Japanese reporters discover an egg containing an infant monster. Despite warnings from the natives about "Gappa," the reporters take the egg from the island and bring it to Japan. The egg hatches and baby Gappa becomes an instant sensation. However, Mama and Papa Gappa are not happy and the gargantuan monsters proceed to lay waste to Tokyo whilst looking for their hatchling.


SEASON EIGHT - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - “Hecklin’ Jekyll”
When Luna disappears in a time machine, Penny Dreadful, Garou and Dr. Manfred Von Bulow assume she will become forever lost in time and space. The trio decides to pursue their mad friend across the decades with an ancient occult object called the Chronos Talisman. They follow Luna to 1886 and encounter Dr. Jekyll -- and the unthinkable occurs!

Featuring Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920, B/W)

In this silent adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s iconic ‘shilling shocker,’ John Barrymore stars in the dual roles of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde.  Dr. Jekyll, a kind and charitable man, unleashes his dark side by creating a potion that transforms him into a being of pure wickedness – the heinous Mr. Hyde.    

Episode 2 - “Loop de Loups”
Using the Chronos Talisman, Penny and Garou travel back to the 15th century - to when Luna has been jailed by a notorious witch judge and his hunchbacked assistant.  When Penny and Garou attempt to free Luna, they are also captured.  However, the repercussions of time travel lead to unexpected surprises for all of them.

Featuring The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923, B/W)

In fifteenth century Paris, the kind archdeacon’s evil brother Jehan plots with a gypsy king to spur a peasant revolt.  Jehan’s hunchbacked slave is a sympathetic pawn in his plot for power, as is the beautiful gypsy Esmerelda.  The legendary Lon Chaney stars as the misshapen wretch Quasimodo in this classic Universal silent film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel.

Episode 3 - “The Future Imperfect”

Penny, Garou and Von Bulow continue their search for Luna, who has traveled far into the future.  Garou is revered as a savior in this time period; the locals welcome and pamper him.  But the werewolf soon learns that he is expected to save this society from a rampaging mechanical nightmare – The Garobot!  


Featuring Metropolis (1923, B/W)

Fritz Lang’s German sci-fi classic features a futuristic urban dystopia; the wealthy live in beautiful skyscrapers, while the underclass citizens toil in horrible conditions underground.  The son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate the differences between the classes.  Meanwhile, a mad scientist constructs a robot that is capable of disguising itself as a human being.

Episode 4 - “Fast Times at Horror High”
When Penny, Von Bulow and Garou bring the Chronos Talisman into the Retardis, a “time malfunction” catapults them backwards in time and space into...HORROR HIGH SCHOOL!  Luna goes missing (again!) and the trio try to find her as they begin regressing back into their high school selves.  Being a teenager can be soooo laaaame.


Featuring The Phantom of the Opera (1925, BW)

This iconic Universal film features Lon Chaney as a mad, disfigured composer obsessed with the lovely opera singer Christine Daae (Mary Philbin).  The crazed Phantom wants Christine to be a star, and he’ll wreak havoc to sabotage the competition.  One of Chaney’s greatest roles!

Episode 5 - "Sleepwalking"
Penny Dreadful's "internal clock" is all out of whack following her wild journey through time. She concocts a sleeping draught to help her get some rest, but accidentally drinks the potion in its concentrated form. She falls into a German Expressionistic dream from which she may never awaken!


Featuring The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920, B/W)

Conrad Veidt stars as the somnambulist in this German Expressionist masterpiece. As the annual fair descends upon the sleepy burg of Holstenwall, Germany, Francis and his best friend Alan visit a mysterious exhibit where Dr. Caligari showcases his psychich somnambulist, Cesare. In the days that follow, the citizens of Holstenwall fall prey to a grisly series of unsolved murders that prompt Francis to launch a thorough investigation. 

Episode 6 - “Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery”
Penny, Garou and Von Bulow visit the monsters at "Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery" in Salem, Massachusetts. This episode features a special interview with James Lurgio, proprietor of the attraction, as well as a jaunt to the Coven Café.

Featuring Nosferatu (1922, B/W)

In this silent German classic directed by F.W. Murnau and based on Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” the verminous vampire Count Orlok leaves his homeland to prey upon the living.  He spreads his evil like a plague and focuses his bloodlust on the beautiful Ellen Hutter.

Episode 7- “Jump the Shark”
Penny Dreadful receives a letter informing her that ‘Shilling Shockers’ has seen better days.  This notion is reinforced when Luna accidentally delivers the delightful musical comedy “The Inspector General” instead of the blood-chilling Vincent Price film “The Witchfinder General.”  Fearing the worst, Penny desperately tries to keep the show from “jumping the shark.”

Featuring The Inspector General (1949, Color)

In this musical comedy (?!?),Danny Kaye stars as an illiterate stooge in a traveling medicine show who wanders into a strange town and is picked up on a vagrancy charge. The town's corrupt officials mistake him for the inspector general, whom they think is traveling in disguise. Fearing he will discover they've been pocketing tax money, they make several bungled attempts to kill him.



SEASON SEVEN - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Sinister Elixir"
After a season of communing with spirits in the dark forests of New England, Penny Dreadful returns to her attic lair. As her hair turns gray and wrinkles form upon her brow, the 700 year-old witch admits that she must drink a dark elixir once per year in order to retain her youth. Unfortunately, Penny discovers that her magic elixir has been stolen, and she must begin a race against time to recreate the concoction. Featuring the public domain film "The Ghoul", starring Boris Karloff.

Featuring The Ghoul (1933, B/W)

Boris Karloff stars as Professor Morlant, a fanatic Egyptologist seeking immortality in the afterlife.  When his plan is botched by a greedy thief, Morlant returns from the dead to take revenge on those who have violated his tomb.  Karloff is utterly marvelous in this eerie British chiller, which also features Ernest Thesiger and Cedric Hardwicke in supporting roles.

Episode 2 - "Blood Relations"
Without her Sinister Elixir (see Season 7, Episode 1), Penny Dreadful continues to age towards her true 700 years. Having acquired the eye of a ghoul, Penny is now after the second ingredient to recreate her elixir of youth -- the blood of a vampire. She attempts to revive Rhode Island's famous 19th century vampire, Mercy Brown. Things, of course, go terribly wrong and Penny must enlist the help of vampire hunter Dr. Manfred Von Bulow.

Featuring Crypt of the Living Dead (1973, Color)

When an archeologist doing research on a remote island is killed, his son Chris (Andrew Prine) comes to the island to bury him. Chris discovers that his father’s body is pinned under a heavy sarcophagus. The stone coffin belongs to Hannah, fiancée of King Louis VII. Legend has it that Hannah became a vampire and that Louis sealed her in the tomb.  Legend has it that if the tomb is opened before the return of Christ, the vampire will rise again.  You can guess what happens next.

Episode 3 - "Dust to Dust"
Penny Dreadful has transformed into a withered hag, having aged dangerously close to the point of death. With Garou's help, she must now summon a living mummy in order to acquire the final ingredient for her elixir of youth.

Featuring Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals (1969, Color)

An ancient Egyptian princess comes back to life while a living mummy does battle with a werejackal in Las Vegas.  John Carradine has a small role.  What else needs to be said about this movie?  It’s pure lunacy on a shoestring budget.

Episode 4 - "Unusual Suspects"
Penny & Garou host the public domain film "The Bat" while attempting to deduce the identity of the thief who stole Penny’s elixir of life. As Penny gets closer to the truth, she realizes that she is dealing with deadly forces. Long-time viewers should keep an eye out for familiar faces from the past.

Featuring The Bat (1959, B/W)

A vicious killer known as The Bat stalks the Oaks estate.  The gloomy mansion soon becomes the site of many mysterious and deadly happenings. This mystery film features great performances by Agnes Moorehead as writer Cornelia van Gorder, and by Vincent Price as Dr. Malcolm Wells. 

Episode 5 - "The P-G-M Tour"
Penny, Garou, and Von Bulow play a few rounds of Monster Mini Golf in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Penny and Von Bulow compete with each other for the win, but Garou puts them both to shame.

Featuring The Giant Gila Monster (1959, B/W)

A gigantic mutant lizard rampages across a rural Texas town.  A heroic teenager (Don Sullivan) attempts to destroy the beast.  Hot-rods and teenagers run rampant in this film, but can they stop the giant lizard from ruining the big record hop party? 

Episode 6 - "Possessions"
A brash businessman asks Penny to create a magical “living doll” for his spoiled daughter. Penny agrees to do so, in exchange for an unspecified favor in the future. This episode features a Shilling Shockers "Hex-clusive" - a 1970's mock-trailer film by Bob Kensinger, entitled "The Dolls", shown with special permission from the filmmaker. The episode also includes an interview with DJ Chris from the “Radio of Horror” show, as well as performances by film director Richard Griffin and artist Jennifer Avery.     

Featuring Cathy's Curse (1977, Color)

A young girl named Cathy finds an old doll in her attic.  Unfortunately for Cathy, the angry spirit of her deceased aunt has attached itself to the doll.  The child begins acting in a strange manner as the vengeful spirit takes possession of her.

Episode 7- "Skull Splitting"
Penny is suffering from a terrible headache. She grows increasingly irritated at the neighbors' cacophonous block party, and at Garou's interactions with a noisy disappearing/reappearing skull. Luna arrives and helps out, but comes face to face with a shocking memory from her past. This episode features a Shilling Shockers "Hex-clusive" - a new, original stop-motion animation by Martha Grant and Tara Perry entitled "The Sartorialist" (shown with permission of the animators).

Featuring The Screaming Skull (1958, B/W)

Newlyweds Eric and Jenni Whitlock move to an isolated mansion, where Eric's first wife Marianne died in a strange accident. Jenni begins seeing a mysterious disembodied skull, which may or may not be a product of her imagination.  This eerie film is loosely based on the classic short story by Francis Marion Crawford which, in turn, was based on the legend of the “screaming skull” of Bettiscombe Manor in Dorset, England.



SEASON SIX - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Bride of Crank 'N Stein"
Penny Dreadful tries to create a girlfriend for the lonely monster hunter, Dr. Manfred Von Bulow. Not being one for science, she solicits help from fellow Massachusetts horror hosts Dr. Dreck and his assistant Moaner (from The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck) in what turns out to be a monstrous crossover episode.

Featuring Lady Frankenstein (1971, Color)

Dr. Frankenstein’s daughter “picks up the pieces” after daddy is killed by the monster he created. She, along with lab assistant Marshall, continue Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments. The two fall in love, but Lady Frankenstein doesn’t find Marshall physically attractive so she attempts to transplant his brain into the body of a handsome, mentally disabled servant. Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s Monster wreaks havoc across the countryside. This film features screen star Joseph Cotten (Citizen Kane) as Baron Frankenstein and Rosalba Neri as Tania Frankenstein.

Episode 2 - "Lycanthropolitics"
Werewolf Garou enthusiastically decides to run for political office while Penny Deadful hosts "The Werewolf of Washington". Unfortunately, Garou doesnt quite grasp the finer points of campaigning so Penny tries to help him out.

Featuring The Werewolf of Washington (1973, Color)

Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap) stars as reporter Jack Whittier, who is having an affair with the US President’s daughter.  He is sent to Hungary where a werewolf attacks and bites him.  When he returns to Washington and becomes a press assistant to the President, the inevitable gruesome murders start taking place.  Political satire, classic werewolf tropes and a strange sense of humor are all evident in this film. 

Episode 3 - "Mystery Hill"
Penny Dreadful visits the unfathomable Mystery Hill (aka America's Stonehenge) in Salem, New Hampshire. While walking amongst the inexplicable structures, she encounters authors David and Scott Goudsward (Shadows Over New England) who unwittingly help the witch uncover an object of great power.

Featuring Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972, Color)

An acting troupe (led by hammy director Alan) gets their kicks by going to a secluded island graveyard and digging up the corpse of a man named Orville.  Alan has some yuks at Orville’s expense, and conducts a satanic ritual to raise and control the dead.  Unfortunately, the ritual summons up a horde of undead flesh-eating ghouls who are decidedly not under “Uncle” Alan’s control. 

Episode 4 - "Babbling Brooke"
A young Brooke Shields appears in this episode's featured film, "Alice Sweet Alice", so Penny decides it would be a great idea to interview her. She sends Garou out in disguise to fetch Ms. Shields for her guest interview. This episode also includes a guest performance from the master mentalist, Rory Raven.

Featuring Alice Sweet Alice (1976, Color)

Who is the strange killer in the clear mask and yellow rain slicker?  When a young girl is horribly murdered during her First Communion, her troubled older sister is the chief suspect.  The body count piles up and soon the truth is uncovered.

Episode 5 - "Kazoo of DOOM"
While Penny Dreadful hosts the motion picture Craze, she takes a trip down nostalgia lane and examines some old curios she has hidden away in a trunk. To her shock and horror, she discovers she possesses an ancient relic of unspeakable evil -- The Kazoo of DOOM!

Featuring Craze (1974, Color)

The incomparable Jack Palance stars as mad antiques dealer Neal Mottram, who begins sacrificing people to the macabre idol of an African god named Chuku. He believes these sacrifices will bring him wealth and good fortune.  Palance chews the scenery in this film directed by the great Freddie Francis (The Evil of Frankenstein, The Skull). 

Episode 6 - "Scary Tales"
Garou is scared and can’t sleep, so Penny Dreadful tells him some Deadtime Stories by showing him the 1986 anthology film of the same title.  This episode includes a special performance by rock ‘n’ roll band Chris Evil and the Taints.     

Featuring Deadtime Stories (1986, Color)

An uncle babysits his nephew and tries to get him to fall asleep by telling him bizarre twisted versions of classic fairy tales.  This darkly humorous horror anthology features a witch's tale and creepy twists on “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.”  Scott Valentine (Family Ties) stars in the first story.

Episode 7- "A GRRRRistmas Story"
Penny Dreadful feels glum during the holiday season, so Garou encourages her to go shopping at some local establishments.  While Penny visits Circa vintage wear, New England Comics and Calico clothing, we see that Dr. Manfred Von Bulow, Garou and Luna are also secretly out shopping for Penny.  It’s a plethora of commercialism and Ghoultide cheer in this Shilling Shockers GRRRRistmas Special.    

Featuring Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964, Color)

The children of Mars longingly watch Earth programs and see how much happiness Santa Claus brings to the Earth kids.  The concerned adult Martians decide to kidnap Santa Claus because there is no Santa on Mars to give their children presents.  A particularly rotten Martian decides this is idiocy and tries to do away with Santa and a couple of stowaway Earth children, but the good cheer and happiness of ol’ St. Nick inevitably “conquers the Martians.”



SEASON FIVE - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Reverse the Curse"
Penny hosts The She-Beast as she works to reverse a strange curse she accidentally placed upon herself many decades ago. Through a series of flashbacks spanning nearly 700 years, Penny Dreadful reveals short glimpses of her mysterious past and leaves the viewers with a special little "treat" (or is that a trick?) of her own.

Featuring The She-Beast (1966, Color)
In 18th century Transylvania a hideous witch is drowned in a lake by an angry mob. Three hundred years later, a young woman (played by horror icon Barbara Steele) is driving beside the lake when her car plunges into the water. She immediately becomes possessed/replaced by the witch. Touches of humor punctuate this low-budget creep-fest from director Michael Reeves (Witchfinder General, Castle of the Living Dead).

Episode 2 - "Unfamiliar"
During a screening of Attack of the Giant Leeches, Penny introduces her animal familiar, Chupee the Chupacabra. Garou tries to warn Penny that the little familiar is not as cute and sweet as he pretends to be. This episode features a visit from entomologist Dr. Michael Patnaude and madwoman Luna 13.

Featuring Attack of the Giant Leeches
Human-sized mutant leeches lurk deep within the swamp in this B-movie “classic.” Adultery, monsters and the power of … suction make this a memorable movie from the days when the drive-in was king. Can you withstand the terror of the cheesy leech costumes?

Episode 3 - "It's a Spooky World"
Penny and Garou visit New England's #1 haunted theme attraction, Spooky World! While Penny hosts Chamber of Horrors, be on the lookout for all manner of fun with Spooky World terrors and special guest interviews with folks like RA Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), Blu the gothic model, and Papa OneL, the Hoodoo Voodoo Daddy.

Featuring Chamber of Horrors (1944, B/W)
A series of murders, a locked door and seven keys all play a part in this atmospheric mystery yarn. Leslie Banks chews the scenery as the eccentric Dr. Manetta, who has his very own torture chamber and a pet monkey too. Spooky chills abound in this sometimes slow, but very enjoyable, thriller.

Episode 4 - "Batty Birthday"
While hosting The Devil Bat, Penny Dreadful prepares a special birthday cologne for Garou. But as soon as Garou puts it on, he is assailed by annoying bats. Penny works on an antidote for the cologne as Garou's birthday turns into a batastrophe. This episode features an interview with comic book artist & writer Jason Mayoh (Tales of Rocky Point Park).

Featuring The Devil Bat (1940, B/W)
Embittered scientist Dr. Paul Carruthers feels betrayed by his employers when they become wealthy from a product he invented. In this twisted tale of revenge, the resentful scientist creates large, mutant bats and trains them to kill anyone wearing the special perfume he concocts in his lab. Horror legend Bela Lugosi is deliciously fiendish as the vengeful Dr. Carruthers - “Now, rub it on the tender part of your neck.”

Episode 5 - "HP & the Half-Baked Witch"
In honor of the fantasy film The Magic Sword, Penny conjures up a powerful wizard from literature to help her host the movie. Will it be Merlin? Will it be Gandalf? Will it be Prospero? Don't bet on it. Some kid with glasses and a weird scar on his forehead shows up instead. This episode features a musical performance by the band Draco & the Malfoys.

Featuring The Magic Sword (1962, Color)
Bert I. Gordon (The Amazing Colossal Man, War of the Colossal Beast) wrote and directed this fantasy film frolic in which a brave young man named George faces several challenges in order to rescue fair Princess Helene. The unfortunate princess is held captive in the clutches of the evil wizard Lodac (played to wicked perfection by the legendary Basil Rathbone) and his hungry pet dragon. Grand theatre actress Estelle Winwood is also marvelous as Sybil the sorceress. Bright colors, interesting special effects and larger-than-life performances make for fun viewing.

Episode 6 - "Var of the Vorlds"
Dr. Manfred Von Bulow is excited about his new short-wave radio ... until he hears some very strange radio broadcasts about an alien invasion. He tries to convince Penny and Garou of the impending danger but they just aren't buying it. Penny hosts Warning From Space while Manfred prepares to battle the extraterrestrial threat.

Featuring ‘Warning from Space’ (1956, Color)
Japanese sci-fi fun from the 1950s!  Giant star-fish aliens with one eye arrive to warn Earth of an impending threat which endangers both their planet and ours.  Unfortunately the humans panic whenever they get a glimpse of the strange-looking beings, so one of them takes on the form of a famous pop star in order to better interact with the people of earth and deliver the warning.  Often slow, but strangely compelling.

Episode 7- "Horror Hexpress"
Garou wants his very own train set, so Penny shrinks down a real train and gives it to her 'snarling darling'. Unfortunately, the train is still filled with passengers who experience some rather frightening attic 'playtime' with the werewolf and the witch.

Featuring Horror Express (1973, Color)
An anthropologist discovers a frozen prehistoric creature in the wastelands of Manchuria and brings it aboard a trans-Siberian express train.  As the creature thaws, the body count begins to pile up.  Worse still, the being is able to “hide” by inhabiting the bodies of its victims.  This tense shocker is chilling and quite creepy at times.  It stars horror icons Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as rivals working on the same side to try and stop the monster aboard the train.  Telly Savalas also appears as a boisterous Russian Cossack.


SEASON FOUR - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Sibling Shockers"
Penny Dreadful, Garou and Dr. Von Bulow set out in search of Penny’s long-lost warlock brother Nicholas Dreadful, who was decapitated long ago “for crimes against humanity and for his outdated fashion sense.”  After trekking deep into the dark forest they find Nicholas’ living head and manage to magically re-attach it to his body.  This leads to a pun-filled supernatural reunion between Penny and her devilishly charming sibling. 

Featuring ‘Horror Rises From the Tomb’ (1973, Color)
Paul Naschy plays the depraved warlock Alaric De Marnac in this moody Spanish horror picture.  De Marnac is beheaded for witchcraft in Medeival France, while his faithful witch companion Mabille DeLancré (Helga Liné) is also executed.  Centuries later a group of people, including De Marnac’s descendant (also played by Naschy), discover the warlock’s head on their land which leads to possessions and to a series of gruesome deaths as Alaric’s head forces its victims to find his body.  Naschy is delightfully wicked as the fiendish Alaric.

Episode 2 - "They Did the Bash"
Penny and Garou visit the Monster Bash classic monster convention and talk to all manner of fiendish special guests including Elvira, Basil Gogos, Jonathan Haze, Conrad Brooks, Chilly Billy, Vlad from ‘Ghoul a Go-Go’ and many more hexciting creatures!

Featuring ‘Attack of the Monsters’ aka ‘Gamera vs. Guiron’ (1969, Color)
Three children discover a flying saucer in a nearby field.  Two of the kids are then kidnapped by aliens and taken to a distant planet where they are hypnotized.  The unsavory aliens have a hunger for the boys’ brains.  Nobody believes the third child’s story of abduction, but soon the giant space turtle Gamera comes to their rescue and does battle with the gigantic monster Guiron.  Kaiju madness ensues!

Episode 3 - "Unmitigated Terror"
A thunderstorm rattles the Attic of Doom as Penny initiates a melancholy night of necromancy.  The witch’s somber murmuring guides you through the nightmare world of Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath.  Dare you behold the unmitigated terror awaiting you, Dreary Ones?  Dare you?!

Featuring ‘Black Sabbath’ (1963, Color)
Mario Bava directed this terrifying anthology of short films. The first creepy tale is called ‘A Drop of Water’ and concerns a nurse who steals the ring off a dead medium’s finger.  The second story, entitled ‘The Telephone,’ features a woman terrorized by a series of phone calls.  The final tale is ‘The Wurdalak’, about a specific type of vampires which only feed on those they love.  Black Sabbath is one of Mario Bava’s most chilling, and well-regarded, films. Karloff turns in a fantastic performance as both the narrator of the trilogy and Gorca in ‘The Wurdalak.’

Episode 4 - "Second Bananas"
Citing a long-forgotten horror host sidekick law, Garou and Dr. Manfred Von Bulow are allowed to host an episode by themselves for one night.  During the course of the episode, all manner of ridiculousness ensues as Manfred implores the audience to understand the plight of horror host sidekicks, and to fight against Horror Host tyranny.  This episode features special guest sidekick clips from A. Ghastlee Ghoul and Two Fat Ghouls!

Featuring ‘Bride of the Monster’ (1955, B/W)
Widely considered one of Ed Wood’s…ahem…’best’ movies, Bride of the Monster stars aging (and delightful) horror icon Bela Lugosi as Dr. Eric Vornoff, a mad scientist with plans to create a race of atomic supermen.  He also has a nasty pet octopus and a powerful sidekick named Lobo (Tor Johnson) at his disposal.

Episode 5 - "Carnival of Dolts"
A creepy pale man follows Penny, Garou and Manfred wherever they go.  Is he a stalker or is he just weird?  Meanwhile, the terrible trio set out to visit the derelict Rocky Point Amusement Park in Rhode Island and the abandoned Lincoln Park in Massachusetts.  Inevitably the creepy man catches up with the witch, the werewolf and the monster hunter.  What dark reasons lie behind his obsessive behavior?

Featuring ‘Carnival of Souls’ (1962, B/W)
A group of teenagers plunge off a bridge during a drag race.  The lone survivor is Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss).  After the accident, Mary moves to a new town and takes a job as a church organist.  She begins seeing a strange man wherever she goes.  Mary also becomes inexplicably drawn to a run down carnival pavilion, which seems to have some connection to the mysterious man.  A wonderfully weird movie, Carnival of Souls has a vibe reminiscent of a really good episode of The Twilight Zone.  

Episode 6 - "Dig It, Squarewolf"
"A Bucket of Blood" inspires Garou to explore his artistic side.When the werewolf accidentally injures Penny's cat, a beatnik thinks
it's hip and inducts Garou into her bohemian lifestyle. This episode also features an interview with Deathbed Bride and includes their short film, "The Devil's Bow".

Featuring ‘A Bucket of Blood’ (1959, B/W)
Roger Corman directed this marvelously twisted movie about Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) who yearns to be taken seriously as an artist and to be popular like the Bohemian types he serves at the café where he works.  After accidentally killing a cat and hiding its body in plaster, Walter finds that the Bohemian community yearns to see more of his “art.”  Since Walter has no actual artistic talent he must resort to a variety of nefarious deeds in order to produce more of his masterpieces.  Dark humor and beatniks abound in this film directed by the legendary Roger Corman.

Episode 7- "You Bet Your Wife!"
While on a picnic at Grisly Moors State Park, the Trio run into Penny's old high school chum - Bjarni the Grim Reaper, who has harbored a secret crush on Penny since their high school days. Bjarni engages Manfred & Garou in various betting games, and wins all of their money. In an effort to win back their losses (and an ABBA t-shirt!), Manfred convinces Garou to bet his wedding ring. When Death wins again, he gains not only the ring, but Penny's hand! Garou must then challenge Death to a game of chess to keep his witchy wife.

Featuring ‘The Seventh Seal’ (1957, B/W)
Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece is a profound contemplation of the scared and profane, of kindness and cruelty, and of life and death.  In fact, Death himself is a featured character in this film which stars a young Max von Sydow as the knight Antonius Block. As the Black Plague ravishes the countryside, Death appears to the knight and informs him that his time has come.  The knight challenges Death to a game of chess for his life.  Throughout the film the knight and Death play their game as the people around them deal, in different ways, with the turmoil the plague has brought to their land. 


SEASON THREE - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Penny Cheerful"
During a showing of the film Black Sunday, Penny Dreadful breaks out in horrible facial boils. When Manfred Von Bulow offers to get rid of the boils, he “accidentally” triggers Penny’s transformation into her friendly polar opposite – the obnoxiously sweet Penny Cheerful! Penny Cheerful tries to interrupt Black Sunday in order to play her favorite movie instead - the musical Paint Your Wagon. Manfred and Garou scramble to stop Penny Cheerful from ruining the entire show. And will they ever succeed in changing her back into Penny Dreadful?

Featuring 'Black Sunday' (1960, B/W)
Mario Bava’s classic horror film starring Barbara Steele in a dual role as the evil and terrifying witch Princess Asa Vajda, and as her virtuous descendant Katia Vajda. Centuries after her exectution, a vengeful witch returns from the grave to possess the body of her descendant. Steele’s witch is a terrifying icon of horror cinema.

Episode 2 - "Centavo Terrível"
Penny hosts this entire episode in Portuguese (with subtitles) as she presents the Brazilian horror film At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. During the movie, Penny’s Portuguese relatives complain that she doesn’t feed Garou enough. Penny brings Garou to her aunt’s house where the voracious werewolf is stuffed with Portuguese food.

Featuring 'At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul' (1964, B/W)
Brazilian horror movie idol Ze do Caixao (Coffin Joe) is a violent undertaker who kills his enemies without mercy, and roars his threats to God, as he seeks the perfect woman to bear his child. Jose’ Mojica Marins directs and stars in his first outing as Ze Do Caixao. Coffin Joe’s abominable acts, dark obsessions and creepy long fingernails have been the stuff of nightmares in Brazil for over forty years.

Episode 3 - "Haunted Southcoast"
In honor of hosting the film House on Haunted Hill, Penny and Garou travel to three actual haunted houses in New England. This episode also includes an interview with Tim Weisberg, Matt Costa and Matt Moniz of the Spooky Southcoast paranormal radio talk show.

Featuring 'House On Haunted Hill' (1959, B/W)
William Castle, king of the horror movie gimmicks, directs this classic spooky film starring Vincent Price as the eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren. Loren and his wife Annabelle invite five people to spend a night in their haunted house. The guests are each offered $10,000.00 if they can make it through the night. Once the doors are locked, the “fun” begins as terror abounds. Price is chillingly charming in the lead role.

Episode 4 - "The Laugh Track"
As the horror comedy Carry On Screaming is presented, Manfred introduces a super tacky laugh track to the show. Penny, disgusted, uses magic to change it into a scream track instead.

Featuring 'Carry on Screaming' (1966, Color)
A British horror comedy from Britain’s popular “Carry On” film series. The creepy and kooky brother and sister Orlando (Kenneth Williams) and Valeria (Fenella Fielding) are kidnapping young ladies, turning them into mannequins, then selling them to stores. Bumbling Detectives Bung and Slobotham are on the case however, and soon macabre hijinks ensue. A fun sendup of horror films!

Episode 5 - "S.T.A.K.E. TACOS"
A visit to the grave of the reputed Werewolf Priest of Middletown, RI during the showing of Moon of the Wolf soon degenerates into “Taco Night” with the members of Manfred’s monster hunting group S.T.A.K.E.S. Amazingly, Penny & Garou bond with the antagonistic monster hunters over their favorite werewolf movies.

Featuring 'Moon of the Wolf' (1972, Color)
David Janssen stars in this TV movie about a Louisiana sheriff investigating several grisly local murders. Signs begin to point to the possibility that the murderer may in fact be a werewolf. It’s horror movie, meets crime drama, meets Tennessee Williams play in this 70s TV thriller.

Episode 6 - "Penny in Chains"
While hosting Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein, Penny Dreadful decides to look for a spell to help free Dracula from Dr. Frankenstein’s clutches. However, Penny soon becomes Dr. Frankenstein’s prisoner as well.

Featuring ‘Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein’ (1972, Color)
Jess Franco directs this atmospheric terror film wherein Dracula, after being destroyed by Dr. Seward, is resurrected by Dr. Frankenstein and used as part of the infamous Doctor’s master plan. Frankenstein’s Monster is also along for the ride. As Dracula, under Dr. Frankenstein’s control, once again terrorizes the innocent, Dr. Seward returns to try and dispatch the Count and put an end to Frankenstein’s evil plans. A Werewolf, summoned by a helpful gypsy, rounds out the cast. Fraco’s homage to the Universal monster mash-ups of the 40s is an atmospheric and eerie film.

Episode 7- "Love Potion #13"
While screening the classic film The Golem, Penny is working on a very powerful love potion for her friend Grover the Golem, who yearns to feel love. Unfortunately, Manfred accidentally drinks the potion and falls madly in love with Penny! The witch scrambles to get Manfred to drink the antidote before the ever-jealous Garou finds out!

Featuring ‘The Golem’ (1920, B/W, silent)
Paul Wegener stars in this classic German Expressionist film based on the legend of the golem. A 16th century Jewish rabbi uses arcane sorcery to bring his giant clay being to life so that it can protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. Unfortunately, the Rabbi’s assistant gains control of the Golem and uses the powerful being for his own ends. Inevitably, however, the Golem gains self-awareness and rebels. This classic film had a strong influence on the later Universal Horror films.


SEASON TWO - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - "Jack and Lizzie"
Penny introduces lonelyhearts Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden to one another. A light romance begins. Von Bulow and Garou hold down the fort while screening The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. This episode features a visit to the actual Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Featuring 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die' (1962, B/W)
A sleazy and egotistical scientist named Dr. Bill Cortner keeps his wife’s head alive after she is decapitated in a car accident. Virginia Leith stars as the head of Jan “in the pan” Compton, who is less than pleased when she awakens to find that she “ain’t got no body.” While Dr. Cortner looks in the trashiest places for a body replacement to attach to his wife’s head, Jan begins to plot her vengeance and employs the aid of a horrible, deformed monster who’s locked up in her husband’s lab.

Episode 2 - "The Purloined Letter-Writer"
After a viewer sends Penny a cheeky letter questioning her taste in films, the witch summons him to her cathedral attic and forces the rude letter writer to watch The Beast of Yucca Flats.

Featuring 'The Beast of Yucca Flats' (1961, B/W)
This is the movie that effectively killed off Tor Johnson’s film career. During an explosive atomic test, a Russian scientist (played by Tor) is transformed into a hulking monster. Due to problems with the film’s sound synching, all of the actors cover their mouths when they speak. This, coupled with some silly narration, makes this a B-movie nightmare Ed Wood himself would be proud of. Or not.

Episode 3 - "The Films of Anthony Penta"
Guests Anthony Penta and Stephanie Obodda discuss their film work and share four spooky, original movies directed by Anthony. Includes an episode of the classic paranormal anthology show ‘One Step Beyond.’

Featuring The Werewolf of Pawtucket (2003), The Black Balloon (2005), The Hapless Antiquarian (2001), & H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound (1997)
Four wonderfully atmospheric films by award-winning filmmaker Anthony Penta. See http://www.pentaworks.org for more information

Episode 4 - "Luna 13"
Technical difficulties run rampant. Von Bulow’s complaints, and the film Dementia 13, prompt Penny to stop by the legendary Danvers State Insane Asylum and release her old school friend and tech expert, the madwoman Luna 13. Also featured in this episode: an interview with film-maker Bryan Papciak and a showing of his short film ‘Met State.’ (Note - due to copyright issues, we are unable to include 'Met State' on the DVD in our box set available for sale on this site.)

Featuring 'Dementia 13' (1963, B/W)
Francis Ford Coppola directs this suspenseful Hitchcockian thriller about a woman who attempts to collect on her late husband’s inheritance. When she arrives at the spooky estate of her dysfunctional in-laws the Halorans, she bears witness to the bizarre ritual they enact in order to preserve the memory of young Kathleen Haloran, who drowned mysteriously seven years earlier. Soon, the bodies start piling up as an ax murderer makes the scene.

Episode 5 - "Gargon Bisque"
Penny cooks up a batch of gargon bisque for Garou while hosting ‘Teenagers From Outer Space.’ The episode ends with a screening of Dr. Moreau’s macabre “home movies.”

Featuring 'Teenagers from Outer Space' (1959, B/W)
It doesn’t get much more “B-movie” than this fun romp through sci-fi silliness. Aliens invade Earth in order to use it as a breeding ground for their herds of monstrous, deadly Gargons (lobsters shot in forced perspective). However, teenaged alien Derek has a heart of gold. Once he realizes there’s intelligent life on Earth, he tries to stop the terrible plans of his fellow aliens.

Episode 6- "Garou Home Alone"
Left by himself, Garou hosts ‘Shilling Shockers’ and gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Penny interviews Ric Rebello, the director of the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, and standup comedienne Mimi Gonzalez.

Featuring ‘The Indestructible Man' (1956, B/W)
Lon Chaney Jr. stars in this picture about a murderous criminal named Butcher Benton (Chaney) who is executed, then brought back to life by electricity. The electricity causes the Butcher to become an invulnerable, super-powerful maniac who seeks revenge on those who sentenced him to die. Chaney is great as the mute ‘Butcher’ Benton.

Episode 7- "Zombie Dance Party"
The classic film ‘White Zombie’ gives Penny a strange idea. Von Bulow is horrified by Penny’s plan.

Featuring 'White Zombie' (1932, B/W)
A classic horror film starring Bela Lugosi as evil Voodoo master Murder Legendre. Madeline and Neil are a young couple about to get married. Convinced by their acquaintance Beaumont to tie the knot in Haiti, they are in for an unfortunate surprise. Beaumont has secret designs on Madeline, and asks voodoo master Murder Legendre to help him. Legendre, who runs a mill operated by his horde of mindless zombies, agrees to help but with terrible results. Lugosi is fantastic as the cunning and fiendish Murder Legendre in the first known zombie picture ever filmed.



SEASON ONE - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Episode 1 - Pilot Episode -"Give a Little Whistle"
Penny, Garou and Manfred are startled when they hear strange whistling in the shadows as they host the film 'M.' The source of the mysterious whistle is soon revealed, much to everyone's horror and chagrin.

Featuring 'M' (1931, B/W)
Fritz Lang’s disturbing and eerie German masterpiece stars Peter Lorre (in his film debut) as a psychotic, whistling child murderer. When the police’s search for the murderer starts affecting the criminal underworld, they launch a manhunt of their own. This is a truly classic film and Lorre’s frightening monologue at the end is simply amazing.

Episode 2 - "Salem Witch Trial"
Penny, Garou and Manfred visit Salem, Massachusetts and are startled to find that things aren't what they used to be. Or are they? Penny quickly gets into trouble with the locals, and is put on trial… but the trial is presided over by a tribunal of strange people claiming to be witches! Oh, the irony!

Featuring 'Horror Hotel' (1960, B/W)
Christopher Lee appears in this chilling film about evil witches in a secluded New England town. Patricia Jessel also turns in a fine performance as Mrs. Newless. When a young scholar is instructed to spend some time in Whitewood, Massachusetts to conduct research on witches, she finds much more than she bargained for in this atmospheric, fog-laden motion picture.

Episode 3 - "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites"
Garou is in his shedding season and he's getting fur everywhere! Penny takes the werewolf to see her grandfather, a barber, for a trim. Manfred notes that Penny's grandfather bears a striking resemblance to Peter Cushing.

Featuring 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'
(1936, B/W)
Tod Slaughter stars along with Stella Rho in this film version of the tale of the murderous Victorian barber Sweeney Todd. Sweeney’s neighbor, the eccentric baker Mrs. Lovatt sees to it that Sweeney’s customers adequately recycled. A British legend, and a penny dreadful too, the story of Sweeney Todd has thrilled many over the years.

Episode 4 - "The Unfortunate Tale of Walter Crabtop's Prize Daisies"
Garou keeps ruining neighbor Walter Crabtop's prize daisies. Craptop rants and raves until Manfred employs the gypsy Madame Madruvna to solve Garou's tragic problem.

Featuring 'The Werewolf Vs Vampire Woman' (1971, Color)
Spanish horror star Paul Naschy has played a werewolf more times than any horror actor combined. His tragically cursed character Waldemar Daninsky returns in this 1971 film to do battle with the evil vampire Countess Wandessa (Patty Shepard). A traveler named Elvira (no, not that Elvira) along with her friend Genevieve search for the tomb of vampire Countess Wandessa. They find it, along with the werewolf Daninsky and much horror ensues.

Episode 5 - "Drunk Shadows"
Penny, Garou & Manfred go visit Penny's relatives up at Crawlingwood (the Carey Mansion seen in TVs 'Dark Shadows'). The gang is thrown out of the house after they anger Penny's vampire cousin Barny. The trio wind up at a local tavern and get potted while ranting about their respective relatives.

Featuring 'The Terror' (1963, Color)
Boris Karloff and a young Jack Nicholson star in this gothic horror quickie directed by Roger Corman. A young Napoleonic officer (Nicholson) pursues a mysterious woman (Sandra Knight) to the castle of elderly Baron Von Leppe (Karloff) where he discovers that she is the pawn of an old witch bent on driving the Baron to suicide. Corman made this spooky film in just four days, using the same sets and the same two lead actors from The Raven.

Episode 6- "Monkey Business"
During a showing of the 'Ape Man,' Penny becomes indignant when the camera operator can't keep the camera on her face. Despite her insistence that she doesn't do "low-brow humor" because "that's another hostess' bit," Penny soon begins to "bust" out with some rather dubious gags of her own.

Featuring 'The Ape Man' (1943, B/W)
Bela Lugosi stars as the mad scientist Dr. James Brewster who unfortunately succeeds in transforming himself into a human/ape hybrid. Brewster, seeking a cure for this medical mishap, believes that only injections of recently drawn human spinal fluid will restore him to a fully human state. Thus Brewster, with the assistance of a large gorilla, launches a mad murder spree.

Episode 7- "S.T.A.K.E.S."
Manfred is called to an emergency meeting of the monster hunter group known as S.T.A.K.E.S. (Society To Annihilate & Kill Evil Supernaturals). He is kicked out of the group for suspected treason due to his penchant for keeping company with a witch and a werewolf. Manfred soon discovers the terrifying truth behind the traitor in S.T.A.K.E.S.

Featuring 'Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides' aka 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' (1974, Color)
Hammer horror studios’ final film in the Dracula series. Chirstopher Lee and Peter Cushing star as Dracula and Van Helsing. In modern-day London a mysterious cult unleashes a terrible power upon the earth. When the descendent of Dr. Van Helsing is called in to investigate the mysterious goings-on, he discovers that Count Dracula has returned once again, and this time he’s intent on unleashing a virulent biological plague upon the world. Van Helsing’s daughter, Jessica (played by a young Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous fame), becomes the target of Dracula’s attentions.


HOLIDAY SPECIALS - Available on DVD, may be airing sporadically in some areas

Halloween Special 2007 -"Horror Hosts of New England"

Penny Dreadful delves into the macabre history of New England's Horror Hosts in this original documentary by the Shilling Shockers Team. This Special includes rare footage, photos and interviews. Relive the horrors of Simon's Sanctorum, Feep's Fantasmic Features, Creature Double Feature and lots more. Features interviews with Ernie Boch Jr., Dr. Dreck, Jay Berkson, LL Soares, and the cast & crew of Dr. Mongo's Midnight Movie.

Halloween Special 2010 - "The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special"

Pink pumpkins? Friendly monsters? Woody Allen Poe?! Black magic and mad science meet when Penny Dreadful and Garou join forces with legendary Nashville Horror Host Dr. Gangrene to save Halloween from a terrible fate. Features a guest appearance by iconic Washington DC Horror Host, Count Gore de Vol.

Christmas Special 2012- "A Hex-Mas Miracle"
Penny accidentally receives a letter meant for Santa Claus. It seems the little boy who wrote the letter wants a pet of his own. Will Penny deliver, or does caring cost more? Meanwhile, Von Bulow and Luna are shocked to discover that Garou never celebrated Christmas as a child and try their best to make up for lost time.

Featuring 'Little Shop of Horrors', (1960, B/W)
Down on Skid Row, young Seymour gets more than he bargained for when he befriends a strange talking plant with a voracious appetite for human flesh. Sales at Mushnick's flower shop increase and so does the body count in Roger Corman's original horror-comedy cult classic! 'Little Shop of Horrors' stars Jonathan Haze as Seymour and Jackie Joseph as Audrey.


Halloween Special 2016- "The Last Ham on Earth"
On an eerie Halloween night, Penny Dreadful concocts special Halloween treats and tricks in her cauldron as she hosts The Last Man on Earth.

Featuring 'The Last Man on Earth', (1964, B/W)
Every day is the same for Dr. Robert Morgan. Seemingly all alone in a world filled with vampire-like creatures, he sharpens wooden stakes, creates wreaths of garlic, and spends his afternoons dispatching the Undead. This classic creeper is based on Richard Matheson's novel 'I Am Legend' and stars Vincent Price.